Ari Sariannidis

A formula for generating an exhibition of sculptures at random, 2020

A formula for generating an exhibition
of sculptures at random
You need a catalogue of the Bauhaus hardware store and a set
of two ten sided dice, one representing the tens and the other
the single digits for rolling a number between 01-100

1. Determine the Budget available for
the Exhibition
Roll a d100 dice to determine the amount in € you have
available for the exhibition.

2. Determine the objects to be purcha‐
sed from the Bauhaus hardware store
Roll a d100 dice to determine the alphabetic category in the
Index of the Bauhaus catalogue. Roll another d100 each for the
object category and page number. Within the category the ob‐
jects are numbered up to 20 max. Roll 2d10 for determining
the object. Whenever your Roll exceeds the amount of objects
available within the section, or the object is not available in the
shop, roll again. Repeat this procedure untill your exhibition
budget is used up. If the remaining amount is lower than the
cheapest product in the catalog, just place the money some‐
where visible in the exhibtion.

01-03 A
04-07 B
08-11 C
12-15 D
16-19 E
20-23 F
24-27 G
28-31 H
32-35 I
36-39 J
40-43 K
44-47 L
48-51 M
52-55 N
56-59 O
60-63 P
64-67 R
68-71 S
72-75 T
76-79 U
80-83 V
84-87 W
88-91 Z
92-100 Roll again

3. Determine room and wall
Roll 1d100 to determine the room and wall/floor the object
will be installed on
00-20 entrance
00-20    wall 1A
21-40    wall 1B
41-60    wall 1C
61-80    wall 1D
81-100  wall 1E
21-40 kitchen
00-11    wall 2A
12-23    wall 2B
24-35    wall 2C
36-47    wall 2C
48-59    wall 2D
60-71    wall 2E
72-82    wall 2F
83-94    wall 2G
95-100  wall 2H
41-60 corridor
00-50    wall 3A
51-100  wall 3B
61-80 bathroom
00-11    wall 4A
12-23    wall 4B
24-35    wall 4C
36-47    wall 4D
48-59    wall 4E
60-71    wall 4F
72-82    wall 4G
83-94    wall 4H
95-100   wall 4I
81-100 livingroom
00-16    wall 5A
17-33    wall 5B
34-50    wall 5C
51-67    wall 5D
68-84    wall 5E
85-100  wall 5F

4. Determine the position on the wall/
Take the width of the object and subtract that measurement
from the width of the wall/floor. Divide the wall into an even
grid of 10×10. Now roll 1d100 and, starting from the lower
left corner of the wall, take the tens as the y-axis and the units
as the x-axis to determine the position of the object. The lower
left end of the object is used as the starting point.

5. Refund the objects
After the closing of the exhibition, bring the purchased and ex‐
hibited objects back to the Hardware store to get a refund. Un‐
der no circumstances the objects can be sold as artistic works.